joi, 5 august 2010

I want to write a book

From when i was a kid....probably 11 i wanted to write a book, but i wasnt sure about the idea. Like... if my ideas are good or not... so i didnt decided.
  Now that i am older, i decided finally to write a book. Maby i will write a romance novel or... a book about love between 2 vampires.
 The main character is a lonely girl with a sensitive personality... and pessimistic that never felt love.
She got through alot of horrible things, but she holded on and believed in herself. Raped many times, without any friends, abandoned, she finds love in the end. But for her to keep it she must take alot of risks. Both were made one for eachoder. In the end they are together until death pushes them apart .
 All i hope now is... to make a good book and then to publish it, hoping it is not a big shit!

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  1. Heii . :X
    Mikky . ;*
    Superba povestea . :X ;>
    Sunt sigura ca va avea succes ! ;>
    Iar eu voi fi prima care o va cumpara , logic ! :]]
    Te iubesc . :X